Bianca Fata: Coffee, Qwoted and Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Private: Bianca Fata

Account Manager, Qwoted

Bianca Fata is an account manager for Qwoted, Vested’s proprietary software. This blog post is part of our Vested Life series, that takes readers inside the fun and busy days of our employees. 

6:45 AM: My first alarm goes off, but I decide to stay in bed a little longer. After a few minutes of scrolling through Instagram and Twitter (classic Millennial), I ask my Alexa to play The Daily, my favorite podcast from The New York Times (shameless plug: Vested has our own Alexa skill!)

I saved some time getting ready this morning because we have our annual holiday party today and I get to wear my favorite ugly Christmas sweater. I contemplate adding some layers before leaving the house–it’s freezing today–but somehow I always feel like I’m melting on the 6 train…

Vested Kindle Holiday Gift

8:20 AM: I stop in my local Starbucks and grab a grande cold brew even though it’s about 30 degrees outside. The barista thinks my name is Binna now, (big shoes to fill) because I use the Vested Starbucks account every day. But, it’s a busy time of year for us–caffeine is necessary!

8:30 AM: I get to my desk and find an early holiday gift (wrapped in Vested wrapping paper, of course) on my desk. Inside are an Amazon Kindle and super on-brand, green case. But, that’s not all! Leadership also gave us a full library of finance must-reads like The Big Short, Billion Dollar Whale, Too Big to Fail, and others. Already looking forward to a few days off to kick back, get cozy and start a new book.

12:00 PM: This morning flew by! I had a few calls with some reporters to introduce them to Qwoted, Vested’s own technology product that helps reporters connect with financial public relations professionals and vise versa. Then, I got pulled into a development meeting with our Chief Technology Officer KT (his real name is Kevin Trowbridge but we’re big on nicknames here). But now it’s time for the Vested holiday party and the famous White Elephant present swap. It gets pretty intense, but I wind up with the office’s most fought-over gift  — a mini crockpot! Dan, our CEO and my desk pod-mate, has been eying it from across the room ever since.

Vested White Elephant Holiday Party

4:00 PM: Since the holidays are next week, I have some Qwoted deliverables to prep for, and a client call I need to reschedule. The coming days are a bit hectic, so I try to get ahead of my day tomorrow and start drafting a mailer set to go out in the morning. Ollie, one of our office dogs is in today (he’s also wearing an ugly Christmas sweater), so I make sure to spend some time with him before the day is over.

Vested Grand Central Holiday decorations

6:15 PM: Wow, where did the day go?! I promised myself I’d go to the gym today after having a big lunch, so I booked myself a boxing class to make sure I wouldn’t flake. I head back to the 6 train and enjoy the view of the Christmas decorations at Grand Central before heading to the Upper East Side for my class.

8:15 PM: Ahh, finally home! I make myself a quick dinner and catch up with my roommates to see how their days went.

10:00 PM: I shower and head to bed to watch an episode of Game of Thrones (I’m only on season 1, so no spoilers!!).