Vested Summer Networking Reception: Millennials, Money & Sexts on the Beach

Last Thursday, over 200 financial services executives gathered poolside on the Gansevoort rooftop to talk millennials and money, while sipping GimLITs and Sexts on the Beach. The Vested Summer Networking Reception brought together communicators, marketers and business executives to network and get a sneak peek at the launch of the Vested Millennials & Money study.




British Consulate Event: The State of UK & US Fintech

From Bretton Woods to the FinTech boom, the US/UK consensus has driven and shaped the world’s financial system for nearly 100 years. Now the UK and US are shaking up the world again as it contends with the impact of the US election and British referendum results. In light of these tectonic decisions, Vested partnered with the UK’s Department of International Trade to host a panel on the topic of UK and US fintech.

Attendees from across the financial services and fintech industry gathered at the British Consulate in New York City to hear more from our esteemed panelists:


Get Vestive: Vested Annual Holiday Party

Last week, over 150 financial execs, communicators and journalists came together to get Vestive at our annual holiday party! Thanks to all who joined us for great conversation and our special Vested cocktails, including the Tequila Rate Rise, Mnuchin & Tonic, and Brex(it) on the Beach.

Communicating Brexit: Five Things You Need To Do This Morning

After Britain’s ground-breaking Brexit vote, plenty of people are going to be shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre this morning. Whatever the long-term impact of this decision, the land of ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’, has given the world plenty to get agitated about for the next few news cycles.

If you’re in the customer business – and almost all of our clients are – you may be wondering how, or indeed whether, to communicate the impacts of this monumental vote to your constituents.

Below are five things you should be doing before lunch.

  1. Prepare before communicating. Sounds obvious but there’s no point of going out to your customers without a clear message or answer to their most obvious questions.
    • Quickly draw up an impact analysis. What changes in the short-, medium- and long-term? What will you be monitoring for? How will your clients be impacted and how might you be able to better serve them if they are?
    • Determine whether you need to be opportunistic in your communications. There will be plenty of opinions offered today. Do you have something meaningful and of value to contribute or will you just be adding to the cacophony?
  2. Craft a statement. You may not end up using it but it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. It needn’t be long or particularly detailed but it should demonstrate that you are mindful, calm and focused on supporting your customer or clients.
    • By way of example, this is our statement:“Vested is working closely with our financial services clients to monitor the Brexit situation and help them with communications to their clients and constituencies. In uncertain times like these, timely and transparent communications both internally and externally is of the utmost importance for firms both big and small.
  3. Ask yourself the tough questions.  Even if you’re not going out with a proactive statement, be ready for the inbound. Put yourself in the position of your key clients and imagine what you might get asked.
  4. Put a command and control structure in place– firms often prepare well at the executive level but forget that client, media or analyst phone calls can come to anyone in their office.
    • Does everyone in your organization know whether they should be interacting with clients today and if not do they know where they should route emails and calls?
    • Command and control structures needn’t be complex (actually the simpler the better), they could be an email to all desks explaining who will be publicly representing the firm for the next 24-48 hours.
  5. Consider all your constituents.Remember that clients aren’t the only constituents you care about. What do you want to tell media, analysts, investors, or – let’s not forget – your own staff?

Gold Gala 2015

Vested and the Museum of American Finance hosted the Gold Gala yesterday evening, celebrating top financial communicators. More than 130 executives from across the industry attended to network and view the new Gold exhibit at the Museum. Event highlights included remarks from Museum of American Finance CEO David Cowen and Vested Co-Founder Daniel P. Simon, discussing the importance of financial communications in an ever-changing industry.


Vested Appoints Chief Creative Officer to Support Rapid Client Growth

Vested, a new communications agency for a new financial industry, today announced it has appointed Ali Wells as its Chief Creative Officer and has signed as clients financial services heavyweights Bloomberg, Citadel, Tabb Group and Broadridge as well as financial publishing company Institutional Investor Journals over the past six months. This announcement is timed with the formal launch of the agency at a “Gold Gala” at the Museum of American Finance held on December 10th.

Wells joins the agency from financial communications firm Cognito, where she was Creative Director. There, she managed a team that delivered brand, digital, marketing and design programs for a client portfolio that included Oracle Financial Services, Intel, Citigroup FX and American Express. She holds a Bachelor of Design degree from NSCAD and The Cooper Union.

“As an integrated communications agency that helps the best financial brands leverage all media — paid, owned, earned, and shared — creativity is an essential part of the value we deliver clients. Ali Wells is the centerpiece of our creative capabilities,” said Daniel P. Simon, CEO of Vested.

Since its founding in July, Vested has earned the trust of over 20 clients that provide a range of hardware, software, and services across the financial sector.

“Vested is upending the traditional agency model. We’ve built an agency to deliver results for dynamic financial brands and attract top talent. The remarkable growth we’ve seen in our launch year validates that we really are doing something new and needed in this industry,” Vested President Binna Kim said.