3 Ways to Maximize Financial PR Wins

Erica Thompson

Erica Thompson

Head of Agency Marketing

Congratulations! You scored a prime public relations placement: an op-ed in a target publication, a guest spot delivering market commentary on national TV, or an endorsement by a high-profile influencer. Unfortunately, thanks to today’s digital landscape and 24-hour news cycle, your moment in the spotlight will probably be short-lived. Breaking news, fresh content and constant social media updates will inevitably push your “hit” off of news feeds and TV screens sooner than it once did. The good news is that there are ways to extend the shelf-life of your most impactful content.

Here are three ways to make the most of your PR wins:

Share it on social media

This may seem obvious to marketers, but a little extra planning and effort can deliver a lot more bang for your PR buck. Rather than simply sharing the article or segment when it appears, write two or three unique updates for each social channel highlighting different pull quotes or takeaways, and stagger them according to your schedule for posting on each channel. This gives followers of your brand more than one chance to see the content. To broaden its reach further, encourage individual colleagues who are active on social media in a professional context to share it with their networks (LinkedIn is a great place to start) via a quick, simple update like “Insightful comments on recent regulatory changes in the financial advisory space from my colleague Mary.”

To amplify that reach even further, a small advertising spend to “boost” posts goes a long way. Spending just $50 or $100 to sponsor the post allows marketers to ensure their piece of PR coverage is reaching a specific and targeted audience.

Push out an email blast (and/or a signature link)

If you maintain an email marketing list, write up a catchy subject line and a short introduction for the content and send out an e-blast encouraging contacts to take a look. Beyond simply announcing that your CEO was on TV or quoted in a prestigious publication, make sure to provide some context and highlight the value for them: is it a fresh take on the day’s big headline that hasn’t been explored elsewhere? Does it offer research findings or other useful knowledge based on your company’s unique perspective and expertise? Tell them why this landed in their inbox, and why it’s worth their time. It also appears more authentic and personalized than braggy.

In addition, you or your spokesperson and other colleagues may consider leveraging your standard email signature to showcase PR wins. It’s as simple as writing a short, punchy, one-line teaser that includes a hyperlink to a clip or story. (If you’ve been in touch via email with members of our team at Vested, you know we practice what we preach when it comes to this tip!)

Make it personal

Beyond publicly building your brand, a great placement can serve as a touchpoint for contacts with whom you’re trying to build a relationship–whether that’s a prominent reporter, a prospective client or hire, or an influencer or brand with whom you’d like to partner on a future event or campaign. Passing along a great hit with a personalized upfront note can help keep you on a high-priority contact’s radar, reignite a conversation, and breathe some new life into an existing professional relationship.