10 Finance Meme Accounts to Follow Right Now

Emma Clarke

Account Manager

If you haven’t noticed, we have no shame when it comes to embracing our nerdy side. We geek out on asset alliterations, parity bond puns, and macro metaphors — and we’ll take any excuse to share them with others.

But we’re also constantly working towards proving that finance is so much more than suits and ties. It’s evolving into an industry with a clear personality: approachable, creative, and sometimes, yes, even downright funny. Whether it’s a relatable GIF about office life or a subtle but clever finance meme about the Federal Reserve, we’re constantly reminded that finance can be (read: is) fun.

Oh, you want in on the fun? Look no further. We’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite finance meme accounts on Instagram you should be following and sharing. Your coworkers will thank you.


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Everybody loves a good Kim Kardashian crying meme. Haley Sacks, the account owner, does a stellar job of playing to our inner low-culture-loving self and adding her own smart twist.


Client stress bringing ya down? Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and follow this account for a good laugh before the big pitch.


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Imagine the  internet’s hottest memes this week (Kanye and Trump, the yodeling Walmart boy, etc.) but better.


We solemnly swear this account will poke fun at every industry nuance—and terms like “industry nuance.”



It’s borderline impossible to work in this industry and not know someone who doesn’t have an Ivy league degree, a Hamptons share house, and the mentality of a 20-year-old frat boy. They’re not all bad, but the rest of the industry can rejoice – @yourmomsfavoritebroker is here to poke fun at the “typical finance bro” we’re desperately (and successfully) seeing fewer of (#TBT!).


If you were expecting something similar to the guy who used to file your parents’ taxes, you’ve come to the wrong place.


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The worst (and by that we mean best) dad jokes meet financial nerdiness in this epic account.


Got some epic but painfully geeky finance Snaps deep in your camera roll? We’ve found a home for them.



The only thing better than trading stock? Trading memes. Get your fix with this account.


Thank the lord: even more finance memes. Enjoy!