The legal side of health-related retirement planning (Financial advisors and elder law attorneys)

Reporter: David LaMartina

Publication: ThinkAdvisor


Deadline: May 5, 2017 12:00 pm

This story will be featured in a new, retirement-focused section of Nationwide’s ThinkAdvisor website. The new section will be similar in content to the previously featured Retirement Wire: The first round of stories will focus on topics related to healthcare and long-term care. Wills, trust and estates. Medicaid eligibility and asset protection. Durable powers of attorney. The healthcare-related issues relevant to a retirement plan often require significant assistance from both financial advisors and lawyers. This piece will be an overview of the most pressing legal issues for retirees dealing with health issues and healthcare-related costs. What do financial advisors need to know about these and other legal issues, in order to better assist their retiree and pre-retiree clients? Even if they end up referring their clients to other professionals, how can they recognize the need for those referrals in the first place? Requirements: I’d like to speak with financial advisors well-versed in retirement planning, particularly where healthcare-related costs are concerned – Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care, reverse mortgages, etc. It would also be helpful to speak with elder law attorneys, particularly those who work closely with financial advisors to create viable retirement strategies for their clients.

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